Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Saving Saving Saving

Hey Y'all

Nothing really exciting is going on at this end just trying to save a lot of money. My husband and I are trying to have a large lump sum saved and in a money market account by the end of the month. I'm trying not spend money when I don't need to so that we can meet our savings goals. Even though I quit my part time job at the hotel I still have extra money coming in that replaces the income that was lost. I started working for an educational non profit and the work is fun yet challenging. I also have been doing some networking and there may be possible full time job opportunity at the company starting first or second quarter 2011.

I am reading Return to Love by Marianne Williamson and am loving this book, I also am reading A Course in Miracles which is a really difficult book to read but I am enjoying it and learning mucho about love and forgiveness. I may write a few posts about it. My interests have changed and I'm not in to writing so much about finance anymore. I keep saying it but there is truly more to life than money!

Have you learned any life or money lessons lately?

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Ms. Money Magnet said...

Yes, I have learned that I am not waiting for my life to begin once (insert whatever goal/dream), but that my life is being lived with or without me now. So, I have to take stock and be active if I want to make the most of it. Love your blog, Gen!