Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Photos Galore!!!

I know its a little late but I am thinking of getting my parents and my mother in law photo books for a late christmas gift as well as the video and video highlights of our wedding. A couple of weeks ago we received a dvd with 599 of our wedding pictures on it, last week we received our wedding video, and we also have a cd with our engagement pictures on it. We must put them to use!!! So I'm thinking of using shutterfly to create photo books for them. Has anyone ever used Shutterfly to create a photo book? Are there any other sites that you can recommend? I am more concerned about quality and design more than price, it is a gift for the parents after all!


Frugalista said...

Another blogger I read used Shutterfly used it and it turned out great. I am currently in the process of using them for mine. In fact, I need to work on that! The only other options I've heard of that are affordable is Snapfish or Nice gift idea!

Mrs. Accountability said...

If you have a Costco membership, check their photo books through their photo center. I've never bought a photo book from them, but they usually have high quality products and I have had photos developed by them and have been very pleased.

Anonymous said...

Did you get this done? If not, i use and recommend