Friday, October 29, 2010

Super Super Thankful

I am just filled with with thankfulness... and not just because my American Express credit card is paid off.

Today I started working out again, with a coworker... and just the half an hour we did on the treadmill walking and ab/leg exercises had the endorphins flowing. I have a busy day tomorrow as my husband's niece ( i guess she's my niece too now) is turning two. So, its going to be a day of running around getting a present and stuff for the party coupled with teaching Saturday School in the morning. Only God gives me the energy!

My husband is working a second job as well... I am so proud of him and he is making lots of money (in sales). Right now a lot of it is going to debt but pretty soon we are going to be saving, saving, saving.

I am thankful for all things I am learning during this period in my life. I am taking nothing for granted!

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