Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Friday will be a good day!

I love Fridays, not just because every other Friday is a pay day but because it's the beginning of the weekend and the weekend for me = working at my part time job, God Time on Sunday and football!!! Okay, to be honest I also love Friday because it's pay day!

This Friday is going to be extra special because I am paying off my American Express card!!! I owe $1633.14 and my husband is helping me pay it off. This will leave me with three more credit cards to pay off.

Target- $844.06
Gap $973.48
Juniper $2698.89

The Target and Gap will be paid off on my birthday and hopefully my husband will help me pay off the Juniper card on Black Friday.

Oh Friday How I Love Thee!!!

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Anonymous said...

Did you and the hubby decide not to combine finances?