Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm going through changes

Have y'all heard that song by Ledisi? She is one of my favorite singers. Her voice is filled with so much emotion, and passion..

If you haven't please check her out.

The reason why I am bringing her up is because I am going to through major changes in my mind, body, spirit, intellectually, spiritually, financial and even politically.

I will talk more about it later but I wanted let the world know that I am so grateful for everything God has given me, even with a the changes, and challenges.

When I look at what is going in around me I can be nothing but grateful.

My tenant died in the apartment below me on saturday.
A friend from college just found out she has a rare form of cancer in her heart and lungs.
Numerous people very close to me are having an extremely HARD time paying their bills and looking for jobs.
Several people I know are in horrible relationships which are affecting me by association
My fiance lost both his father and his grandmother in the past three months.

I have been feeling a lot of pressure lately and have been wallowing with a spirit of selfishness, and complaining to God about all the things that I want that I don't have but then God told me to reflect on the things that I do have

A relationship with him
A fiance that truly loves me
Excellent health ( including a weight loss of 23 pounds, thank you!)
A home
Two really good jobs
A brand new to me car
Good friends
3 college degrees

... and the list can go on and on.

What are you grateful for???



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I love that song by Ledisi! She is so awesome! I'm going through a bunch of stuff right now, but trying to keep God as my center to help me through. I'm grateful for so many things, but most for the strength that God has given me, especially when I don't think that I can bear an ounce more of stress.

Keep the faith. Peace.