Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sometimes you just need another pair of eyes

Another pair of eyes brings a different perspective on certain situations. That's why I love the power of blogging and the community that comes with it. Sometimes the second pair of eyes comes from someone close to you, and in my case it was when Boobee gave me so advice.

I had been putting a lot of wedding expenses on credit cards with hope of paying them all of, however, more expenses came due and it seemed I was just working to pay off credit cards. I was frustrated, confused and pretty much on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Boobee was able to calm me down and show that I could pretty much pay off all the cards with my next paycheck.

There is one more card that I have to pay off that accumulates interest, and that will be paid off in the month of July.

If it wasn't for Boobee I would probably be in bed crying or something ( I truly am dramatic like that).

Sometimes another pair of eyes looking into a situation is all you need.

until next time, think prosperous thoughts


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