Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pressing towards my dreams

I'm on a path to make some of my dreams a reality. I can imagine,

me somewhere on a island, in my own house built just the way I like it, with an outdoors living room that includes a pool, situated on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea. I'm laid back, bohemian scarf on my head, sunglasses covering my eyes, occasionally glancing at the landscape from the pages of a good read. Inside I have a small office so I can work at home, expanding my already successful business (more on that later). I spend three to 4 months a year at my second home, living a simple life surrounded by nature, growing tropical fruit and just grateful for the opportunities, gifts and people brought into my life, and always finding ways to pay the beauty and blessings of life forward.

But for now reality. Right now I feel like I'm bursting at the seems. Perhaps, this is preparation time and something big and exciting is going to happen.

In order to make my dreams come true I need to do two very simple things.

First I need to pay off my student loan debt! Then I need to start making more money so that I can save more.

All my dreams are coming true..... sooner rather than later. I just have to focus on them!