Monday, April 5, 2010

Wedding Cost Blues

Yes, I've got them and it all has to do with the photographer. Now that I am thinking about it do I really need to spend $5500 on the photographer? That is really half my wedding budget.

Here is what the $5500 includes:

  • up to 8 hours of shooting on your wedding day
  • 2 photographers
  • online hosting of images for easier ordering ( up to 90 days)
  • complimentary 2 hour photoshoot the day before or day after the wedding ( Trash The Dress)
  • copyright free CD/DVD of all edited usable photos
  • 2 DVD slideshows show the events of the wedding day ( approximately 100 images)
  • 250 print credit
  • 1 16x20 Gallery Wrap Canvas Print
  • 2 5x5 parent albums (20 sides) 50 images
  • 1 10x10 flush mount album 80-90 images

The next package is $3500 and this is what it includes

Up to 8 hours shooting on your wedding day

2 Photographers

On -line hosting of images for easy ordering (up to 90 days)

1 10 x 10 Flush Mount Album (20 sides) approximately 50 Images

Copyright free CD/DVD containing high-resolution files fully edited of all usable images

100.00 Print Credit

1 DVD photo shows, approximately 100 selected images that tell a story of the days events

These photographers are some of the best in Jamaica. I'm just very frugal and this is a lot of money to spend on pictures!!!

My dear readers.... what do you think?

until next time think prosperous thoughts



L. Marie Joseph said...

I'll go with the $5500 more for your money! Ys, it's a budget breaker but you will have everything you need and more ~

Aaren said...

I think it really depends on what you're going to do with it. If you're like me, you'll show all the pics to all your friends and then promptly forget about it. If it's something that you're genuinely going to treasure, then go for it! Spend the funds once and you know you won't be thinking about how much more you could've gotten while you were there.

If it makes you happy, then do it and don't worry about the cost. You're doing this once dear. Enjoy it1

Anonymous said...

You say they are the close is second best? You should check out multiple options before just handing over the money.

Remember you guest will be taking pictures too. The untrained eye may capture your favorite shot of the day.

Chitown said...

I suggest you go with the $3,500 package. You get one DVD and don't you get a CD with all of your images? You can share them with others and have them print off the pics they want.

My sister got married in Cancun and her cost was around $3,500 and they were simply amazing!!! She got a CD with all the images, uploaded them to Shutterfly and created an albumn for my parents for Christmas.