Sunday, April 4, 2010

Are you truly using ING Direct?

I know I am.

I have started 3 sub savings accounts with ING Direct. They have three different purposes. One is for Christmas 2010, one is for Car expenses and repairs ( which includes my six month insurance renewal, registration, inspections, and oil changes) and an account to fund my summer in NYC. I eventually will add more money to Christmas Account and make it a Birthday/ Christmas Account.

As it stands I am contributing $50.00 every two weeks into each account for a total of $300 a month.

I am so not trying to use credit cards this year for anything (okay, I am putting wedding expenses on credit card, only because I'm paying international vendors).

until next time, think prosperous thoughts



Aaren said...

Good for you! You are making awesome steps young lady :D. Completely understand using the CC for international vendors; makes a lot of sense really.

I use my ING account extensively. I also have the car account, a vacation account, and a medicine account. I'm on enough meds, and have a yearly Rx deductible, but since I don't have an FSA/MSA through work, I just opened an account to pay for co-pays and prescriptions. Makes life easier.

I also have an Electric Orange account. That's my "allowance" account so I don't take my primary checking debit card with me, and I can do immediate transfers between the savings and EO account to pay for things like oil changes. Totally awesome stuff.

YBP said...

Aaren!! I got the idea from you. I have the electric orange account to so I will use that to pay for the different things from the savings accounts. I never thought about using the electric orange as an allowance account. Do you also transfer money to the electric orange so you have an "allowance"?

Aaren said...

Hey YBP!

I do actually transfer money to the EO account for my allowance. I get $125 twice a month (I'm paid semi-monthly). $50 is for gas; $75 for whatever, which includes eating out for lunch, happy hours, any shopping I want to do, etc. I've gradually cut that down from $200 at the beginning of the year, down to $150, down to $125. One day I'll get to $100, but today is not the day, lol!

Chitown said...

Okay Ladies!!! I am going to have to look into this a little more. Maybe I can get a bonus out of it too.

YBP said...

@chi you must!!! @Aaren I am going to do that to, transfer money for an allowance. I love that! That way my Bank of America account is just for bills and stuff. It may even make it easier for me to save more.