Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Allowance Anyone?

A dear blogger friend of mine Aaren has given me so many ideas on how to make saving money easier by using my ING Direct Savings Account. I am so thankful for her and the advice that she has given me.

Another idea she mentioned was using the ING Direct Electric Orange Account as a Allowance Account in which she transfers money from her linked account to the EO account to use for different purchases.

Can I just say I LOVE THAT IDEA!

so, I'm going to try it out. I have been spending a lot of money on hair products and makeup (I was a late bloomer y'all LOL)

I rarely use my electric orange account and this would be a great opportunity to not only use it but to separate my blow money from my Bank of America household expenses and everyday account.

Thoughts, Comments or Questions??

until next time, think prosperous thoughts



Lioness said...

I use BofA for my primary checking where I pay all my bills. I use ING for my savings and use the checking for my allowance. When I want something out of the norm (like makeup and hair products beyond the norm, i understand the late bloomer thing) I use the ING checking. If I'm planning for something, I just let it build up. It helps a lot.

Aaren said...

Aww, thanks for the shout-out! I hope you find the "allowance" helpful. I even got so I took the primary account debit card out of my wallet so I couldn't use it (took me months to feel comfortable doing that though!). Good luck with it :D!