Friday, April 9, 2010

My car is dying

My car is slowly dying. I have taken to the shop a couple times within the past few months for the same problem, something with the alarm system. When we took her in today to get some wires changed the Serviceman said "you might want to think about looking into getting another car".

It's almost like my 2000 Volkswagen Passat is on life support. Any day now it will be time to release her from life. Which means I need to find another car soon! I really don't want another car payment but I need safe, reliable transportation. I am hoping Old Gracie can last until after the wedding or even until the new year.

By then we will have (Lord Willing)

  • a fully funded emergency fund roughly $20,000
  • roughly $20000 in student loan debt paid off
  • a good estimate of what my loan repayment amount will be when my loans come out of deferment
  • hopefully a higher income doing something in educational administration
  • a fully funded Roth IRA
Im giving this to God because that is all I can do. I would love a used Volvo XC90 but we will see. I have faith he will work it out, but I am also going to do my part by staying on track with my goals and savings.

until next time, think prosperous thoughts



dwcasey said...

Stay away from imports. Been there, done that. Get a mid 2000's boat...Buick LeSabre for example. Great ride, lots of room, and inexpensive to work on. Parts and mechanics are readily available.

Not the status of a European auto, but pocketing more dough is worth more anyway. Good luck.

YBP said...

thanks dwcasey... I will look into those.