Monday, February 22, 2010

I think it would be grand

to have a $20,000 fully funded emergency fund. As me and my fiance prepare for our March budget meeting I am going to see if there is a way to work this in the plan for this year. That would make me feel so much more comfortable with life.

I also think it would be grand to have no student loan debt. I have 3 years to move this monkey from my back. We won't start trying to have children until we have no debt.

Finally, I think it would be grand to prepay my mortgage. If we could pay an extra $1200 to our mortgage every month it would be paid off in 9 years. Imagine being 35 and living in a paid off house.

Where they do that at??? LOL

until next time, think prosperous thoughts



Chitown said...

I have a $20,000 goal as well but it is going to be tough to get there as a single girl. Hopefully you and your hubby to be will be able to knock it out in no time.

YBP said...

i hope so. I am the main breadwinner so the majority of it will be on me. I am praying he gets a new job so he can save more.

A Day in the Life of Mocha said...

You will do this..

U and boobee I am sure of it..

YBP said...

awww thanks Chi and Mocha, you encouragement means so much!

FB @ said...

$20,000 is a hefty fund. Good luck!

I agree with getting rid of debt asap before kids, so double good luck on that