Monday, February 22, 2010

The costs associated with a Destination Wedding

Wedding Planning is in full effect. We only have six months (as of yesterday) until the big day. From June until the beginning of August I will be in finishing up a graduate degree in NYC so not much planning will be going on. It was important for me to front load so things so that when crunch came I wouldn't feel the stress.

We budgeted $12000 for our wedding and from the looks of it the wedding expenses will be a little under $1100o. We also have to pay for our stays at the resort, airfare and the honeymoon and that is not included in the wedding budget.

We also think we are going to have to pay for some family members so that might bring us way over budget. But so far so good. As I am looking over the spreadsheet that has all our costs on it, the most expensive thing we are paying for is our photography.

Are you ready???

A whopping $5500 is the cost for our photography. However, they are the best on the island of Jamaica and all we will have after the ceremony is over is pics... right!!! That is the way we are justifying spending this insane amount of money.

The next biggest expense is our stays and airfare. Airfare to Jamaica is about 379.00 per person round trip and for one person to stay 5 days 4 nights all inclusive the cost is $1244.00. Thus the total cost per person to attend our wedding for guests and ourselves is $1623.00.

Is that expensive???

Well, we are not staying at a traditional resort. We rented out 6 villas on the beach in Negril and every villa includes its own chef, bartender, and housekeeper/bartender. The total max amount of people at the resort is 40 and 38 guests plus my fiance and I =40.

Next time I will go into more detail about the other costs.

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Chitown said... you rented out the entire resort for your wedding? That's pretty awesome. I've been to Jamaica twice...loved it!

My sister got married in Cancun in 2007 and it was simply amazing. The cost was very reasonable and she ended up spending the most money on her photographer and he was worth every penny.

Since the resort was all inclusive, the meals for the reception were very low and the guests had a lot of fun in the sun. I think the total cost for the reception was $3,800.

I wish you well. =)

A Day in the Life of Mocha said...

omg i am so ready for your wedding..

my cousin is actually doing a destination wedding and doing everything herself..I gotta send her over here..U remind me of her..

She is doing it really cheap in DR....
she also has an awesome agent that is helping he get a good discount and etc..

It's your day and you deserve whatever you want!!!I pray you post pictures...U can cut off your

YBP said...


I'm pretty transparent so I will probably post pics. Send her over. You know what, I will post pics of my save the dates and invitations. I wish I was able to do everything myself, but really im just not that creative, LOL.

YBP said...

Mocha do you blog?