Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Emergencyopoly... I'm Playing

Wellheeled has a game she is playing in the month of November called Emergencyopoly, and I am definitely playing it. You should join in too!

The rules of the game are very simple:
  • For one month live like you just lost your main source of income
  • Approximate how much money you would have to spend due to job loss (insurance costs, job search costs)
  • Focus on only your core expenses ( rent, food, car payment)
  • Take the money that you would have to spend if you didn't have a job and use that to help build up your emergency fund

I am so playing it... maybe I can get my E fund up to $4000.00 by the end of November. I will try to have a budget posted by the Friday morning.

until next time, think prosperous thoughts


1 comment:

Small Budget, Big Style Chick said...

Interesting game. I might try a modified version. But I still have to purchase Christmas gifts and traveling back and forth to Philly for the holidays will eat away some of my money though.