Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Now is the time to be proactive!

I really believe that now is the time to be proactive. You can't wait for someone to change your situation. You have to change it yourself. I believe that I have to be responsible for my own life, and in turn I am responsible for the outcome of my life. I have made a very drastic (in my view) change to my financial planning.

I have decided to stop contributing to my 403B in order to ramp up my savings and pay off debt. I was contributing $220.00 am month pre tax which decreased my take home pay about $150.00 a month. From now until December 31 I will be contributing that money to my emergency fund, and then next year I will be using it to help pay off my car loan and the rest of my student loans.

As far as Christmas shopping goes, I will be going to Kmart and putting some things on layaway, I have about $700.00 in a Christmas fund, but I have decided I will not spend that money right now. I would rather pay as I go. My budget this year is going to be about $300.00!

As soon as I get to kmart I will post on the layaway process. Maybe because the economy is so bad more stores will start allowing customers to use layaway!

until next time, think prosperous thoughts



Sista Saver said...

You are absolutely right. No time like today!

oldwhiteandpoor said...

Actually, I read a blog post a few days ago which said that retailers were bringing back layaway.

oldwhiteandpoor said...

I can't get a job, I have no marketable skills, and no money to go to school.

Ain't life great?