Saturday, November 1, 2008

November Budget

I am going to do a modified emergencyolopy for the month of November. After all my 25th birthday is in 12 days and then there is Thanksgiving at the end of the month. If you anyone can give me ideas on how to frugally celebrate my 25th birthday I would greatly appreciate it.

Here is my budget for November. I am going to concentrate on strictly the basics

Mortgage: 452.40
Car Payment: 230.00
Car Insurance: 280.00
Gas ( Utility) 86.00
Water Bill 45.00
Gas ( car) 100.00
Groceries 100.00
Debt repayment 310.00 ( estimate student loans and credit balances)
IRA 180.00

Total: 1607.40

If I stick to the bare minimum then I will have over $1500 to save up!

Its funny that when I look at how much I spend per month for my car vs my share of my mortgage( with an extra 10% added to the principal), my car expenses are way higher. I realize that I really need to get my car paid off by April. Once I do that I won't have to pay for full coverage insurance.

I have more goals that I would like to accomplish for November but I will post them tomorrow.

Until next time, think prosperous thoughts


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Anonymous said...

hey girl! i like your blog! reminds me to be very intentional with my finances : ) oh, the life of bills bills bills! hehe. oh yes, and there are black people in korea : )