Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tenants came through!!!

but my paycheck didn't come! At 11:00 am a FedEx came from one of the tenant's dad (all the way from Maine) with her security deposit in it. At 11:58 the other girl was here with her part of the security deposit in cash and ready to move some stuff in. At 12:30 the mail came and there was no paycheck from my teaching job... uhoh!!! Remember how I said I was consolidating some accounts? Well I had to restart my direct deposit into my new checking/savings account so two paychecks are going to come in the mail. I got paid yesterday but my paycheck still hasn't come. I need that paycheck to pay off part of my Stafford loan... my debt snowball is my first priority.

oh well.. no worries.. all the bills are paid i have a small emergency fund and God blessed me in the tenant selection process. I think I was made for this :)!!

until next time, think prosperous thoughts


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