Friday, August 22, 2008

Rhianna's Networth is only $20,000!!!

all I can say is... damn... that's messed up

Why? Well according to the article Rhianna's music and touring generate millions of dollars in revenue, and all she's got to her name is a measly $20,000. It seems Def Jam has underfunded her for the success of Umbrella and her Good Girl Gone Bad cd.

It seems that because Def Jam is underfunding her, her manager has been taking money from her tours and endorsements to fund her videos, albums, and other future projects.

Read more of the article here:

Rhianna is a fellow countryman of mine and I think she needs to take a page out of Beyonce's book and make sure she is actively involved in her financial matter. As of right now she is definitely not young black and prosperous!

until next time, think prosperous thoughts


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