Monday, August 25, 2008

How Many Accounts do you have and Why?

How many accounts do you have and what are they for?

Me, I have 9... that actually seems like a lot.

They are:

1. Bank of America Checking for direct deposit and paying bills
2. Bank of America Savings I haven't used this but I think I may use this as a fund for things I have to do with my car. Putting money in there for new tires I want to buy, tune up, breaks, or any other major repairs
3. TD Ameritrade Account-Emergency Fund
4. ING Direct Checking- only used for bills having to do with the tenants or the property or when I transfer money out of my second ING savings to buy something
5. ING Direct Savings (#1) will hold the last month's rent and security for the tenants as well as 100.00 a month for vacancy/repairs
6 ING Direct Savings (#2) money in that account will be used for Christmas, vacations, etc. (right now I am debating on whether to save money for the second property I plan on purchasing in that account or just open another subaccount through ING Direct.
7. T.Rowe Price- Roth IRA account. I will probably open future mutual fund investment accounts at T. Rowe Price. I like their customer service.
8. TIAA-Cref - school district 403B
9. Part time job 401k

or wait... there's 10. I also have my school district pension fund account.

This list will eventually grow... as I acquire more properties, get married, start my own business, and have children...

but right now... these are necessities for me!

until next time, think prosperous thoughts


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oldwhiteandpoor said...

I have a credit union checking account with about $160 init. (My weekly rent is due tomorrow and I'll have to take out a payday loan to pay next week's rent.)

Also I have the required five dollars in a savings account at the same credit union.