Saturday, August 30, 2008

Out of Control Spending!!!

Some of it was necessary but jeez... in the past two days this is what I have been spending my money on

Books for 3 Grad Classes: $387.01 my gosh books are so expensive. I am doing my Masters in Multicultural Education and had to drive up to the Mainline area outside of Philadelphia to visit the bookstore of the university I am attending and was shocked that were no used books left so I had to buy brand new ones. Yes Brand New Books! And then I had to order 2 of the books from, and with those I had to pay for shipping.. but the great about it was that I paid for these books in cash out my checking account! I did not put this on a credit card!

so again

Grad Books $387.01
Cable Bill $ 102.00
Staples $130.40 ( for classroom/school supplies, 100.00 reimbursed by school district)
Pizza Hut $26.65
Target $36.34 ( necessities for tenants)
Movies $20.00 ( went to see Tropic Thunder for the second time)

Total: $702.40 YIKES!!!!

I still have to pay the Mortgage and make a payment to my debt snowball. I have a checking account balance of $2373.77 so it looks like I won't be able to send $1500 to my student loans yet... but as soon as I get my refund check I will be reimbursing myself for those books and sending an extra payment of $387.01 right to those student loans!

Today there will be a bit more spending. I have decided to upgrade my wardrobe a bit so I will be trekking to Philadelphia Premium Outlets to buy some pieces that I need. I am budgeting 250.00, and I am going to stay in budget. I have a few coupons and a shopping list and I am going to stay on budget.

I am following Small Budget Big Style's post on what a Young Professional needs in her wardrobe. check out for more info. It's a great post.

until next time, think prosperous thoughts


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Small Budget, Big Style Chick said...

Thanks for the mention! Good luck with staying within budget! I look forward to hearing what you find on your shopping trip.