Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How Rich People Think

I saw this on MoneyMonk's website and thought I should post this.

According to Keith Cameron Smith author of the book The Top 10 Distinctions between the Millionaires and the Middle Class "Rich People think long term, middle class think short term"

This is how the four classes of people think:

The Very Poor- think day to day

The Poor- think week to week

The Middle Class think month to month

The Rich think- year to year

The very rich- think decade to decade

How do you think?

I actually think from year to year. I have all my plans organized in my journal for the next 2 years. I just have to figure out how to start thinking in decades.

Until next time, think prosperous thoughts


1 comment:

oldwhiteandpoor said...

How can I think long term when I don't know how I'm going to pay the rent next week?