Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Investing in a Housekeeper

We have taken the plunge and we are not looking back. As a graduation gift I asked Boobee if he could have a housekeeper come and clean the house before I got back. The last thing I wanted to do after being engrossed in books and case studies for the whole summer was to come back to a dirty house that I would have to clean. Being the great fiance that he is, it was done and I came home to a clean, pleasantly smelling house, which made me very happy.

I posted a status on Facebook about having someone come clean the house and several of my colleagues and married friends also hire housekeepers to clean their house. Many of them have said it is the key to a happy married life, and I totally believe them.

The total cost for them to clean the house was $50.00 which is not bad at all. I asked Boobee if we could splurge and get them 2x a month or once every two weeks just to tidy up, clean the the bathrooms and sweep, mop and vacuum.

I am beginning to take the mindset that it's okay to pay for some things if it saves you time and gives you a certain peace of mind. I work so hard during the day and between the two jobs I work 7 days a week. The last thing I want to do is come home to a dirty house that needs to be cleaned.

In a couple of weeks the housekeeper, maid, cleaner, or whatever you want to call it will be back to clean our house. In fact, every two weeks she will be back. One less thing I have to worry about during our honeymoon stage.

$100 a month is a small price to pay for a clean house and a few extra hours of rest.

Do you utilize a housekeeper? Why or why not?

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B.C. said...

Look at it as helping the country by keeping someone working and keeping a business going. They say during financial hard times, the first thing to go is luxury items and people consider housekeeping as a luxury item. Trust if I could do it, I will get one and I stay in a 3 bedroom apartment with a roommate! LOL! Peace of mind is better than money anyday!!

Laila said...

I don't have one because it's not in the budget. But my parents have someone come 2x a month and it it's a great investment for them. One day *stares off into the clouds*

Frugalista said...

That would be nice but I don't think they charge $50 per visit around where I live so it's not in the budget. I'm it! If you can afford to why not? It is one less thing to suck up what free time you have.

Jessie said...

I don't have a housecleaner, and really don't think it's a good use of our budget right now. I'd rather take the time to do it with my partner and our rooommates than to paysomeone. That money's job is to be saved to buy our own home one day.

Anita said...

$50 is a great price. I can't get that rate in my area. I pay my housekeeper $80/visit and she comes in every 2 weeks. You are going to love having someone come in regularly. I wish I could have done it sooner!

I am married, have 3 young kids, work 2 jobs from home, and am a neat-freak. I just couldn't keep up, so recently I hired a housekeeper, and I think it saved my sanity, if nothing else. It wasn't easy making the first call to hire someone. I always have been of the mind-set that hiring cleaning help is a waste of money, and can be seen as being snobby. I'm over that now! ;)

EclecticSoul said...

i think it is money well spent! Believe me, I have considered it many times!! The only thing that stops me is my conscience becuase I live in a small one bedroom apartment.:) But I travel A LOT, and sometimes I get home and do notwant to do anything!! So, I've considered, but living in a small space it would be a waste.