Saturday, June 19, 2010

To Prenup or that the question?

As most of you know I'm getting married in August. I am so excited and can't wait to be in Jamaica with some of my closest friends and family. However before the wedding there are some things that need to be taken care of and one of them is deciding if we should sign a prenuptial agreement.

The goal of a prenuptial agreement is to protect the assets of both parties in the event of divorce. There is really nothing wrong with that but as a Christian I do have issues with it.

From the biblical perspective marriage is a covenant until death do us part. I am beginning to believe that if one has to plan just in case the marriage fails then why get married at all? Protecting one's assets is very important as well, but should I be protecting them the person that I love?

I really wasn't thinking seriously about signing a prenuptial agreement until my father who is minister brought it up and insisted I should think seriously about it. Boobee and I came together from very different financial backgrounds, I being the more focused on money while he was much more of a free spirit. In the past three years that we have been together I have seen some growth, and growth takes time. When we met I was a teaching and going to school full time had realitively good credit ( which could have been better) and was dreaming about owning my own home

In the past three years.... much do to his help I have:
  1. Saved money and bought a house ( while living in his apartment and not paying rent)
  2. Bought one car, paid it off, and bought another one
  3. Saved an emergency fund
  4. Graduated
  5. Contributed to my Roth, 401k, and 403B
  6. Traveled the world
When looking at it like that there seems to be no need for a prenup! We are a team and that is that.

However, there is one little nail that changes what is seemingly a no brainer to something that requires lots of thought....

I will let you know what that one nail is tomorrow.

until next time, think prosperous thoughts


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