Saturday, June 19, 2010

The cost of a perfect smile

In my quest to have a perfect smile by the age of 30 I decided to venture last month and get some braces.... for the second time.

You heard it right... this is my second time doing the braces thing, except this time I got the clear ones!!! The first time I never finished my treatment because I moved to Philadelphia for college, but alas they are back on.

Why did I get them??

My sneaky dentist, that's why? First she told me I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled. Did that in October and boy was I in pain. It actually took me a while to get over it so I didn't go see her at my usual 6 month visit. I waited 9 months before I let her put her fingers or any other little instruments in my mouth.

...and just when I think its all good she goes and tells me I need to get braces right away or else my teeth are going to spread up and out. Now that is the last thing I need. She gives me the card to the orthodontist and the next thing I know I'm in his office for a consultation.

Now the cost:

The total cost of the braces was about $5300 ( Did you you know braces cost that much? I didn't).

My insurance paid $1200 towards the cost of the braces.
I had to put $200 down at the first consultation, at the records appointment, and when they first put the braces on.
Which leaves me with at total of $3500 left to pay within the next 18 months.
Each month when I go to the orthodontist to get the braces tightened it costs me $194.00. For now I have been putting on my debit card but you best believe at the next open enrollment I will be using my pretax health savings plan so that way I get a little tax deduction on the money I use to pay for this procedure.

I think one of the reasons why the braces are so expensive if because I have the clear ones. I still have the mental wire but the brackets are clear, and in a couple of years I will have close to perfect teeth. By then I think I won't be an anonymous blogger so you will be able to see the before and after pics.

ahhhhh... the price we women pay for beauty!

Until next time, think prosperous thoughts


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