Thursday, May 20, 2010

How much do you give for gifts??

Even though I haven't been blogging I still am reading some of my favorite blogs. J.Money over at Budgets are Sexy had a great post a few days ago about giving $100 as a gift for weddings, birthdays, etc. This post struck a cord with me because several people I know have gotten married, are getting married, having showers, graduating, getting older, etc.

I always wonder how much I should give as a gift at these events, and recently I have just started giving $100.00. My fiance's step brother got married, I gave them $100.oo as a gift, my mother in law's birthday was last week, I gave her two $50.00 gift cards. Two of my siblings have birthdays coming up, guess what their gift will be??? If you guessed $100 you are correct.

I think $100 is a reasonable amount to give for any special occasion.

If you give monetary gifts how much do you give and why?

until next time, think prosperous thoughts



FB @ said...

At least $50/head (BF and I together is $100) for weddings, and $100 - $500 in general depending on the relationship and whether or not I had to fly to get there and pay more cash, etc

Chitown said...

For weddings, I was always told to at least cover your expense (plate). I attended a wedding last week and gave $150 for the BF and I both. I would usually give $100 per person.

For birthdays and special events like Mother's Day or Father's Day, I like $50. People on my blog would kill me though if I did this...i'm just sayin...=)