Friday, January 15, 2010

Saving money to get fit.

Week 1 of living a healthy lifestyle is going quite well. Many people complain and say that they just don't have the money to get in shape or join or gym, or whatever but I have realized that really that is just an excuse.

On a side note: A personal pet peeve of mine is people who make excuses or label themselves a victim. I can't stand it!! I take responsibility for everything that I have done, and my own weight gain. I mean I subconsciously knew I was going to gain weight if all I did after I came home from work is sleep. Not good!

So when I decided I was going to get in shape I picked up a few things that would help me on my journey.

Jillian Michaels 30 day shred DVD 10.00
5lb weights 12.00
Work out Mat 20.00
Water bottle 5.00
Journal to document journey 1.00

I spent 48.00 to get started on this journey and boy is it worth it. Every day after work I do my 30 day shred DVD and every night when I get done I feel it.

I use my water bottle ( 32oz) everyday and fill it up twice to get my recommended 640z of water a day, thus buying no more bottled water.

I also have a gym membership at Ballys that costs me 30.00 month.

That's all I needed to get started.

Now the cost of eating right is totally different subject. I am going to a farmers market tomorrow and have planned out my meals for next week. After watching Foodinc I refuse to buy meat at the regular supermarket so I will only buy free range, grain fed beef and chicken as well as locally grown fruits and veggies. I'm thinking this is going to cost more...but it is totally worth it.

What are you doing to live a healthy lifestyle?

until next time, think prosperous thoughts



A Day in the Life of Mocha said...

you can do it..

i just got my gym membership as well and I am getting ready to get fit..

i want to get into a two piece..
U can shed the pounds in time for your wedding i am sure of it.

YBP said...

@Mocha. I'm trying to get into a two piece too. There is no way I'm going to Jamaica and wearing a one piece.