Monday, September 28, 2009

Dying to buy some dining room furniture

On the 18th my future inlaws are coming over for dinner and Sunday night Eagles football. I have decided that I want to cook and will be making a splendid dinner of shrimp and chicken gumbo, ham or baked chicken, rice, sweet potatoes ( topped with marshmallows), baked macaroni and cheese, string beans and carrots, cornbread and something for dessert, along with with my mother's renowned fruit drink to quench the thirst. I have also decided that since I am going to go through all the effort of cooking I want my dining room to look suitable for them.

I have a rickety glass table set that I bought of craigslist a few years ago but I have decided I need an upgrade. So I am buying this beautiful table and chair set as this lovely server to go with it.

Now the question is how am I going to pay for it? Cash of course. I am using part of my check this week to pay my car off, but I am also going to put $300 in the tuck for this set. Next pay period I am going to take $800 from my paycheck and go right raymour and flanagan to buy it. The total cost is $1050 plus a 75.00 delivery fee. I am sure my FI will also contribute to the cost as well so I might even have to contribute less.

Now all I need is some curtains, placemats, napkins,napkin holders, serving dishes, silverware, plates.... ( the list goes on and on)

Until next time, think prosperous thoughts


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Anonymous said...

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