Friday, August 28, 2009

Pay Increase in Effect September 1

I recently got my Masters in Education over the summer while I began working on my second masters in NY. Today I got my final transcript which stated that I graduated ( I won't get my diploma until sometime in September) and promptly took it to my school district headquarters along with the pay scale increase application. The woman at the office said it would be in effect on September 1. I also get a step increase on September 1, and I made tenure this year ( Go Me!!!). So this brings my salary to the mid 50's. This year I am also continuing my part time job at the Hotel, and working on a project at school which I get paid for plus teaching an after school class twice a week. All my extra money will be going to make sure my car loan is paid off, and to my Roth IRA which I will fully fund this year! Anything else will go towards wedding expenses, i'm paying cash for that baby, and to savings. I will buy another property by December 2010 since it is definitely not going to happen this year.

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