Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm not upside down on my mortgage

One of my favorite bloggers Budgets are Sexy just found out that he is upside down on his mortgage. This prompted me to see if I was also upside down on my mortgage. I doubted that I would have any equity but I just didn't want to be upside down.

So how did I check how much my house was worth? I too signed up for after seeing that J at Budgets are Sexy did the same and found out the value of his house.

After verifying that I was the owner I found out the Zestimate for my home was $ $177,500. Right now the current principal balance of my home (found on the latest mortgage statement) is $177, 348.

I guess those extra principal payments helped a little bit (LOL).

No equity but thankfully not upside down!

until next time, think prosperous thoughts


1 comment:

J. Money said...

alriiiight good for you girl! that's awesome news :) and glad you were able to use Zillow - it's my new favorite site!

time to check around your other posts. love the blog name!