Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tenant problems and other financial turmoil

I haven't posted in a few days because I have been watching the news on wall street, and now I have a bit of my own financial problems. Last week my guy's cousin broke the window on my 2000 VW Passat. Not a problem he paid to get it fixed, but when we took it to get fixed the window people tripped the car's alarm and now it won't start. So now I have to take it to the VW dealership and pay to get it fixed. I have no idea how much its going to cost but now I have to pay to take public transportation to school and work, and still pay car insurance and my car payment.


One of my tenants mom's came to me last week with a list of things that she wanted completed for the tenants. I told her that would not be a problem, and I would make sure all the things were done. Now, she is saying she doesn't want the girls to live there because there is no exit in case there is a fire. I called one of the girls and wanted to know why they didn't tell me about the problems. She said that there weren't really any problems. Something shady is going on!!! Then she said that the girls mom wants them to renig on the lease because their is not a second exit.... WTF!!!! The mom told them that the lease would be null and void, and so they could break it because there is no other security door... WTF!!!! I am so annoyed right now. I guess this is all part of being a landlord. My guy says it doesn't matter we can always rerent it, but I really do not like change!!!

My finances

I am okay on my financial front. All my bills are paid and I am am saving a bit. At the end of the month I am going to make a big payment to my debt snowball. All is fine. If the tenants do leave I hope I can get another one soon, that way I don't have to mess up my snowball or my savings to pay their portion of the rent. Right now everyone should really be doing as much as possible to reduce debt and increase savings, that's it. Right now is not the time for frivolous spending.

I am doing everything possible to make sure that I am doing everything possible to make sure my family and finances are secure during these turbulent times. I pray that you are too!

Until next time, think prosperous thoughts



Daizy said...

I can relate to your tenant problems. I am renting out my house and living in an RV so that I can pay off the house mortgage faster. My tenants are having a very hard time paying on time and they still owe me money from July. Part of me wants to help them, the other part thinks I could avoid all this stress if I just moved back in to my house(if they haven't destroyed it). I hate being a landlord. I feel like their parent.

I hope you find a good tenant!

Ms. High Maintenance said...

I'm sorry to hear about your tenant issues. I have a relative who is a landlord and can never keep good tenants--especially when the tenant's parents get involved. I hope it all works out for you. Good to hear you are back on the debt snowball.