Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Would you buy these sneakers?

I sure as hell wouldn't. I bet a couple of my students will come to school next month with a pair of these. They are the new Quest Love from Roots fame designed air force ones. They are only on sale in three places: New York, LA and of course PHILLY!!! I was watching the news today and the reporter was saying that people have been lined up for days in front of this store in downtown Philadelphia hoping to get a pair of them. Guess how much they are selling for. $225!!!! That is more than my car payment. Most of the people in the line were twenty somethings... People spend money on the weirdest things.... I wonder if they have an emergency fund are saving for a house, or paying of debt. I hope they are not putting the cost on a credit card!!!

Until next time, think prosperous thoughts



Small Budget, Big Style Chick said...

I feel so old now...a few years ago I would have scrimped and saved for these sneakers because I LOVE the Roots, but now, I'd rather start my ROTH IRA or save for a trip next year.

Ms. High Maintenance said...

The shoes are way too flashy for me! I like simple foot wear that matches just about my whole wardrobe. The thought of paying $225 for some shoes makes me ill. My money could be better spent elsewhere.