Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In the Beginning ( My Own Blog)

In the beginning there was a girl named Young Black and Prosperous who was a victim of her environment, who because of her age simply had to live with the hand dealt to her. During her early years she spent all her free time reading anything she could get her hands on and she knew that she could have a better life. At the age of 17 Young Black and Prosperous left her small home town and decided that she would create her own life, and forget the baggage of her past. Now she is in her early 20's and has the knowledge to create a prosperous life for herself and leave a legacy for future generations.

For the past couple of years I have been reading numerous personal finance blogs. Everyday as soon as I wake up I check my email to see if there is a new post from Fabulous Financials (Single Ma) or Sistah Ant. There are many other blogs that I read daily and weekly but I could not find any written from an early 20's black woman that works in the non profit/governmental sector. So Ta Dah!!! Here is my blog Young Black and Prosperous.

My first love is literature and reading in general which is why I teach high school English in a cash strapped school district in South Eastern PA, but personal finance and personal development are my other loves ( however, none of these come before God). I became interested in Personal Finance and Personal Development in the late 1990's while I was still in high school by watching the Oprah Winfrey Show. It was on her show that I was first introduced to Robert Kiyosaki and Suze Orman along with other financial Experts. It was also through her and The Bible where I learned that the past does not dictate the future and I can create a life of success and prosperity. So... this blog will document my journey of becoming financially independent and prosperous ( financially, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and in every other sense of the word).

As I become more financially literate, organized, and prosperous I hope to inspire others, especially young black females to do the same.

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