Monday, February 7, 2011

Brakes, Tires, and Batteries

My car needs several maintenance requests taken car of as soon as possible. The month of January was tough and there was something wrong with my battery. Every time the temperature hit below freezing I would always have to start my car with the automatic car starter. I had some money in the car fund last month and I used it to buy a new car battery.

Now I hear my brakes grinding. Right now I have about $150 in my car account and I am going to use that to shop around for brakes. I hope I can buy them and have someone put them in for roughly that amount.

Finally, I need new tires! I have never replaced the tires and my truck I have had it for a year come May. I have no idea how much tires cost and where to go to replace them. I know that sometimes places like Sears have buy three get one free deals but I don't enough know how much one costs.

Time to research!!! Once I figure out how much it should all cost I will up my savings to the car account so that I can get them done sometime in March.

In closing, one thing I have learned about saving for purchases is when I save and pay for something rather than put it on my credit card or have my husband buy it, I appreciate it more. With my car getting close to 90,000 miles its important that I keep some money in my car account for maintenance and other expenses that will occur with my car.


Chitown said...

You definitely have the right idea and with 95k miles on my car, I should do the same thing.

I also completely agree with saving for purchases, you not only appreciate them more but there is zero remorse. =)

Lioness said...

I just brought new tires and after researching which tire at my first research stop - Consumer Reports, I then went and started pricing between Tire Rack and Sams Club (to which I belong). I went with Sams because the while Tire Rack was doing free shipping,was slightly cheaper, plus going through ebates for a % back, Sams made the easier choice because they included mounting and balancing (this would have been an additional cost on installation using Tire Rack), offer free rotation every 6-8K miles (so long as i'm a member) and roadside assistance included for flats, blow outs they did it while i my shopping so when i was done, so were they. the price then became comparable. shop around and ask what does the price of the tire include because it's never just 1 thing with cars lol.