Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sometimes Good Things Happen

Today I received a bill from the gas company that said the gas bill for the month would be $99.00. I can dig it. SmallbudgetBigStyle told me about budget billing last year and I have been on the plan ever since. The bill fluctuated based on usage and was usually $124.00 or $165.00 (I believe that was in the winter).

Based on my usage for the year it seems that they adjusted my budget billing and my monthly payment will now be $99.00 a month.

We also were able to lower are cable/internet/ phone bill to roughly $175.00 a month. That was from almost $250.0 a month... eek!

I am grateful. This just shows that good things do happen!!

What financial blessings have you received this week?


Frugalista said...

Well last week I got 2 check from class action settlements I was somehow a part of but had forgotten about years ago. Nothing huge-$65 but it all helps and goodness knows I could use all the extra I can get right now.

YBP said...

good for you frugalista!!! I am loving the blog by the way! Congrats on getting married soon. I am getting married in August.

Laila said...

I also use budget billing and considering the extreme weather we have here it's a BLESSING!

Congrats on the upcoming weddings! Many blessings to you!