Friday, May 28, 2010

Off for a mini vacation!

We are going to upstate PA this weekend for some fishing, yard sales, and family time. We are driving up in the car so we will have to pay for some gas and tolls. Boobee's grandfather and cousin ( who is one of my bridesmaids) will also be coming so hopefully they can help pay for some gas and tolls, but if not we have it covered.

We are staying at a hotel where I get a discount so the cost for the entire three days we are staying is under $300.00.

Food will be taken care of by family for the most part, so I am budgeting $250.00 for the entire trip. This also includes a gift for a little cousin's birthday. I will be saving all receipts, to see if I can do it.

Wish me much success!


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Laila said...

Have a great weekend!