Thursday, March 18, 2010

Strange feelings

It seems like the more money I save, the more money I want to spend. The higher and higher my emergency fund gets the more comfortable I feel spending money.

Not a good look at all!!

Anyone else feeling the same way?

until next time, think prosperous thoughts



Chitown said...

Absolutely...that is why I needed my Readers to get me off the ledge when I was talking about taking a vacation to Puerto Rico.

Hang in there or get something small on the list.

Aaren said...

I think people have one of two reactions to having a healthy emergency fund: they either (a) become more terrified to spend anything, or (b) know that they can spend because they've got healthy reserves. I tend to fall squarely in the (b) category, which has gotten me in more trouble than I care to recount.

You have to be able to reward yourself on occasion. The hard part, for me, is staying within the budget when there are excess funds lying around. Whatever money you want to spend needs to come from your income, and you can't use the emergency fund (or a credit card, which you then pay back with the emergency fund) for things that you can't readily pay for. So we still have to save up for things we really want, so that the EF can work for you if you ever really need it.

YBP said...

well said Aaren!

Mike said...

Of course. After working your butt off for that raise every year, it's natural to want to spend it on yourself.

Some people call it "lifestyle inflation" or "lifestyle creep".

I normally wouldn't plug my own blog but I wrote something on this last week. Maybe you can offer your insight when you have some time.

Keep up the great work!

FB @ said...

Hell yes.

But I keep it in another account so I don't even look at it or know about it.