Friday, October 23, 2009

Saving Money on Hair costs

One of my favorite bloggers Small Budget Big Style had a great blog on how she saved on hair style costs by going to the Aveda Institute nearest her in DC. I thought about doing the same thing but then I realized I didn't have to go to the Aveda Institute, I could go right down to the 4th floor at the school I work at. I work at a Vocational Technical School that has numerous trades for the students to enroll in, and lucky for me I teach the senior Cosmetology girls who will hopefully pass their state board test this year and become licensed cosmetologists before they graduate. A couple of weeks ago one of my favorite girls asked if she could straighten my hair and I said "sure" with a quickness. You see I am all natural, in fact I have not had a perm in 5 years and when straightened my hair is about 2-3 inches away from my bra strap. I am also tender headed, which is why I have only been going to one hair dresser since I have been in Philly ( she is the only one that can deal with it). However, my student did a great job, and got it silky straight. I need a trim, may go back to my regular hair dresser for that next week, but otherwise I think my cos girls might just be doing for my hair for the rest of the year.

$75 vs. $0.00 I know what I will be paying. I do have pictures so as soon as I find them I will post them.

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Small Budget, Big Style Chick said...

Not having a perm definitely saves you even more money on hair maintenence, I don't have one either.

For a few years I'd try to time my hair salon visit for when I'd be visiting Philly because salons are slightly cheaper in Philly than they are in DC.

I'm going to take a stab at doing my own hair this weekend because I can no longer bear to pay hair salon prices unless I need a trim!

YBP said...

what do you usually do when you do your own hair?

FB @ said...

What an awesome idea! Hair salons for students!!

I am still trying to find one around my area, but luckily my hair is pretty low key

Zofie said...

I am natural as well and am always reluctant to have my hair straightened, partly because of the cost (I live in Atlanta). I will have to check out the Aveda Institute here. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

My hair is also natural. I used to go to a salon for natural hair that cost me $85. Now I twist my own hair.

I have always been unsure about going to a school, but with your recommendation I may give it a try next time I want to straighten my hair