Thursday, December 4, 2008

Building up the E Fund

I put my whole check in savings... all $355.00 of it. The total now stands at $3456.00. I have never been able to do that before... put my whole part time check in savings. Perhaps I am maturing a bit, I seem understand the difference between a need and a want... or maybe its the economy scaring me into savings... perhaps it is a little bit of both.

In any case turning 25 has changed me in so many ways.

oh.. and the semester is over... THANK YOU JESUS!!!!

until next time, think prosperous thoughts



Barbara said...

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Midwest Chick said...

That's awesome that you were able to save the entire check. I get a lot more satisfaction from saving right now than shopping. Good luck continuing to save!

Ms. High Maintenance said...

Saving is wonderful. I won't reach my savings goal for this year----I think I set my goal a bit unrealistic. I am already working towards setting a realistic savings goal for 2009 and sticking with it!