Friday, November 7, 2008

Thank God for Tuition Reimbursment

I was searching my school districts employee section of its website and found out that my district is offering tuition reimbursement for all teachers who need to get level 2 certification ( masters).

Guess who is working on their level 2 certification???? Me!!!!

The website says that they are offering up to $1000.00 for any class taken from August 29, 2008-June 20, 2009. All I have to do is fill out a form and attach proof of payment and the reimbursement will be added right to my paycheck.

I wonder if it will be taxed or untaxed?

Either way guess where that money is going???? Right to my emergency Fund!!!

Until next time, think prosperous thoughts


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oldwhiteandpoor said...

I can't afford tuition, so I guess I'll just stay stuck at the bottom of the economy.