Saturday, October 4, 2008

Getting Ready for Winter

I live in the northeast so it starts getting colder in the earlier fall, thus I feel the need to prepare for winter early. I have made a list of things that need to be done before the end of October to ensure that my house and car are ready for the winter.

  1. Install a programmable thermostat in my house. This is to save energy and ensure that my winter heating bills are as low as possible
  2. Buy water heater blankets to cover mine and my tenants water heaters ( so that they don't freeze during the winter months.
  3. Install new breaks for the car ( I have an appointment set up for Monday, but I may need to change it).
  4. Have new tires put on my car ( does anyone know how much that costs)
  5. Get a oil change ( done today 10/4/08)
  6. Buy Curtains for the majority of my windows to keep the heat in the house
  7. Buy salt, shovels, and a storage trunk for the porch
  8. Call PGW about getting on a budget plan

Am I missing anything? What are you doing to get ready for the winter season?

Until next time, think prosperous thoughts


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Here I Am said...

I need to put plastic on my windows. I had all the fluids checked in my car. I want to get new tires and figure it'll run about$200 to replace all 4.