Sunday, October 12, 2008

Frustrations of A Grad Student

I am almost done with my Masters degree in Multicultural Education, and very happy about it. In fact I am taking three classes this semester, plan on taking 3 classes in the spring semester which starts in January, and will only have 2 classes to take during the summer session and will be finished.... Yeahh.!!! I can't wait until its over, but I also have to get through this semester and next semester. This semester is really kicking my butt. I have so much work to do, plus my 2 jobs... but I take it all in stride.

Next semester I am taking three classes spread out on different days at 2 different campuses. I am not liking this too much but will have to get used to it for the sake of getting my degree finished as soon as possible. The way it's looking is I will have classes on mon, tues, and thursday, with 2 classes in the city and 1 class in the Philadelphia suburbs. The class in the Philadelphia Suburbs meets on Mondays from 7:15-9:45pm. In order to get there on time I will need to leave my house at around 6:30pm. If you are from the Philadelphia area you know that the commute to the suburbs is horrible at 6:30pm, and in the middle of winter it's even worse! Here's too many cancellations of class due to snow days!!!!!

Time to get back to the many papers that I have due in the next few weeks.

until next time, think prosperous thoughts


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