Friday, August 15, 2008

Saving money while traveling part 2

last night I researched places where I could travel and still get a good exchange rate for the dollar. I found a great article on Conde Nast that named some excellent places to travel. I narrowed my list down to places where the exchange rate was better than average and also would be places that I would really like to go to.

Here is my list

  1. Barbados
  2. Curaco
  3. St. Kitts/Nevis
  4. Egypt
  5. Costa Rica

I then searched for hotels through the chain that a work for that were close to the airport and had the employee discount available. After narrowing it down I went to and read reviews of my top choice hotels.

So.... June 24-June 28 of 2009 I will be in San Jose, Costa Rica!

Price of a hotel room at a very beautiful luxury hotel for all 4 nights with taxes and fees 321.24!!!!!

being able to travel and just worrying about finding the best possible price for airfare..............


until next time, think prosperous thoughts


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