Monday, August 11, 2008

My retirement saving plan escalation notice!

So I got this today in the mail and it said:

Dear YBP,

Congratulations! You're about to take an important step towards increasing your financial security.

On January 2009, you new contribution rate will take effect. As a result you're now only 1% away from reaching your target contribution rate!

Your contribution rate will continue to increase each year until the target contribution rate that you selected is reached.

Current Before tax contribution 13%
Contribution rate as of 01/2009 14%
Target Contribution rate 15%

Do you know what I did as soon as I got that letter? Shoot... I went right on to my second job's benefits website and increased my retirement contributions 2%. So starting in January 2009 I will have reached my target contribution rate.

I don't call myself Young Black and Prosperous for nothing!

until next time, think prosperous thoughts


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