Monday, July 28, 2008

Saving Money while moving

any ideas?

I close on the house on Thursday and there is a lot... and i mean a lot of stuff that needs to be bought. In between buying household stuff and furniture, 2 refrigerators ( 1 for the house and 1 for the apartment i will be renting out that is attached to my house) +moving expenses, I don't know if its possible for me to pay off my first Stafford loan. This should be my first priority! If I don't get started paying off debt now I don't know if I will ever get started.

How did you save money when moving?

until next time, think prosperous thoughts



Small Budget, Big Style Chick said...

Buy the basics and take your time with the rest. Talk to family and friends because they will most likely have stuff they would be willing to give you that you need. My apartment is filled with hand-me-downs from family including my couch, artwork and most of my cookware.

Ms. High Maintenance said...

I know I'm late commenting on this, here is what I did. I have wonderful family members. When DH and I got married, and moved to another city, his father allowed us to live in his rental house virtually rent free. My aunt and grandmother bought us a set of living room furniture (we already had one set), and my grandmother bought a used refrigerator for us that works great. My in laws bought us a washer and dryer and gave us my husband's bedroom set from their house.

In order to save money on boxes, we spent a month prior to moving going to stores and getting boxes from them rather than buying boxes.