Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Home Inspection went well!!!

If someone tells you buying a house is fun then... that's a lie from the pit of hell!!! ( that's something that I say to my students when I know they are trying to bs me) They think its so funny they just laugh as say okay Ms. Young Black and Prosperous and go do what they were supposed to me doing. But for real, this home buying process is some stressful stuff. I took pictures, most of them are rooms in the apartment, but at least you get an idea of how its looks. I am going to post an ad on craigslist for the apartment with availability for August 1. Hopefully I can rent it out for between 700-800. This will be a big chunk of my mortgage. One of my teacher coworkers has numerous properties and she told me the best time to to put an apartment up for rent is in August, her exact words were "you can rent out a shed in august" LMAO... well this place is far from a shed so it should be very easy to get a tenant in there. Speaking of tenants I think I may have to go to the library or Borders and get a book on Becoming a Landlord. If you have any questions please feel free to comment.
What follows is a list of of things that were safety issues from the inspection
List of things that Need Fixing (from the Home Inspection Report)

1. Double tapped breakers in the main electrical panel need to be fixed
2. Electrical Wire spicing needs to be connected to electrical box
3. Replace junction box cover
4. Replace active knob and tube wiring in mechanical room
5. 1 smoke detector needs to be replaced
6. Both water heaters need extensions on the temperature relief valves
7. Heater missing an air filter
8. Outlets in the kitchen of house need to be GFCI protected
9. Both toilets in the house part need to properly secured to the floor
10. Minor leak detected in the upstairs house bathroom drain
11. Open grounded three pronged outlets in the kitchen need to be replaced
12. Downspout in the back of the house needs is laying on the ground in the back of the house and needs to be connected with the other piece which is attached to the house. This is not on the report but I will call my realtor and have her put this in the reply to inspection.

This house was rehab and flip ( I honestly didn't think people were still flipping houses with the way the housing market is now) but I guess when good work is done people will buy. 12 things that need to be fixed looks like a lot but really they are minor things that don't cost much money and hopefully the seller will fix them. I definitely loved the house the first time I saw it. My realtor said that even though the house is off the market pending settlement she is still getting calls for people who want to see the house. I beginning to realize that GOD'S FAVOR IS MORE PRECIOUS THAN LIFE!!!

peace and love